Kanagawa Variety Bridal

Resort-style Bridal

かながわリゾートブライダル1 Hakone, one of the resorts in Kanagawa Prefecture, is regarded as one of the best hot spring resorts in Japan because of the good quality of the hot springs and the affluent amount of hot water gushing up from those hot springs. Hakone is a popular sightseeing place. It is located within Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park and is richly endowed with nature. There is a fine view of Mt. Fuji from this area, which attracts a lot of visitors from home and abroad.
Hakone is near from the Tokyo area. There are various kinds of transportation systems connecting these places.
It takes about 90 minutes from Shinjuku by Odakyu Romance Car and it takes about 4 hours directly from Haneda Airport. It is the best site to welcome visitors from other prefectures and those from far-away places.

かながわリゾートブライダル2 かながわリゾートブライダル3 In this area, there are a great number of resort hotels and inns. Those hotels and inns win visitors’ esteem because they offer high-quality service, satisfying the visitors’ various kinds of requests
Many hotels, including the hotels located along Ashinoko Lake and historic resort hotels, offer various kinds of bridals, which pleases customers who would like to celebrate a wedding in the resort areas.

Shonan Braidal

Shonan, one of the beach resorts in Japan, is a collective term for the area along National Route 134 from Hayama through Ninomiya.
Its attractive landscape and the culture of youngsters in Japan have been sung in songs called “Shonan songs.”

The Shonan area is still now a popular spot as a mecca for the culture of the youngsters and as a source to continuously send the information about the lifestyle of Shonan. Resort “Shonan” has a sense of openness: Shonan Bridal offers wedding centers where everyone can be satisfied with their cozy and private atmosphere in and out of season, smelling the sea breeze in mild weather.
湘南ブライダル3 湘南ブライダル4

Yokohama Bridal

Yokohama, a port-opening city in Japan, is one of the sightseeing places with a lot of sightseers because it introduced foreign culture ahead of other cities. It has Motomachi Shopping Street, which is known for its chic fashion trend; Yokohama Chinatown, which is the largest Chinatown in the world; the historic buildings, including western-style buildings in Yamate; and Minato Mirai 21, which promotes modern culture.
Bridal Yokohama consists of wedding around Yamashita Park and Minato Mirai 21, where people can enjoy the attractive landscape of Yokohama, and the Shin-Yokohama area, which is accessible for a large number of visitors from the countryside.

横浜ブライダル1 横浜ブライダル2 横浜ブライダル3 横浜ブライダル4